1. Introduction: from classical to modern aerodynamics

The Göttingen school of fluid mechanics: Motivation of this lecture series

1907: Göttingen Modellversuchsanstalt", AVA Aerodynamische Versuchsanstalt and DLR German Aerospace Center

Basic fluid mechanics and aerodynamics : Reference to web-based MIT opencourseware


The development of aerodynamics is based on fluid mechanics pioneered by Ludwig Prandtl and his school.

A series of reprints describes the pioneering work done by Prandtl and his school in the years 1919 -1932

The Gö airfoil family: A first series of systematically investigated aerodynamic components.

Aerodynamic parameters as the coefficients of lift, drag, moment were measured and define airfoil performance

Airfoils are designed now for the higher speed regimes of modern aeronautics

Compressibility effects: shock waves in transonic and in high speed flow

Refined wind tunnel tests are aimed at the verification of design methodology

Refined design of aerospace vehicles requires parametric geometry definition