Supersonic Aerodynamics: Reports and Publications

Supersonic Aircraft, Commercial Air Transport, Optimization

Sobieczky, H. (Ed.): New Design Concepts for High Speed Air Transport. CISM Courses and Lectures No. 366, Wien-New York: Springer Verlag (1997)

ISBN-13: 978-3211828151

Preface of the Chinese translation

Supersonic Marching, Characteristics, Ill-posed Problems, Waveriders

Sobieczky, H.: Inverse Euler Solutions for High Speed Aerodynamic Design Problems. Fifth World Congress on Computational Mechanics, (WCCM V) Vienna, (2002)

Waverider, Aerospace Vehicle Integration

Qian, Y., Sobieczky, H., Eggers, Th.: Waverider Design with Parametric Flow Quality Control by Inverse Method of Characteristics. In: M. Tanaka, G.S.Dulikravich, (Eds.), Inverse Problems in Engineering Mechanics, Proc. Int. Symp. on Inverse Problems in Engineering Mechanics (ISIP2000), Nagano, Japan (2000)

Supersonic Transport, CFD Design, OFW

Li, P., Sobieczky, H., Seebass, A. R.: Manual Aerodynamic Optimization of an Oblique Wing Supersonic Transport, J. Aircraft Vol.36, No.6, pp 907-913, (1999), see also AIAA 98-0598 (1998)

Inverse Supersonic Design, Waverider, Osculating Axisymmetry, Inlets

Sobieczky, H., Zores, B., Wang, Z., Qian, Y.J.: High Speed Flow Design Using Osculating Axisymmetric Flows . Proc. 3rd Pacific Int. Conf. on Aerospace Science and Technology, pp. 182-187, (1997)

Design Visualization Software, Supersonic Transport, Sonic Boom

Sobieczky, H., Hannemann, M.: Computational Shock and Mach Waves Visualization Aiding the Development of Aerodynamic Design Techniques Proc. 21st Int. Symp. on Shock Waves, Great Keppel, QLD, Australia, 20 - 25 July 1997

Fictitious Gas Design, Oblique Flying Wing, CFD Analysis

Li, P., Sobieczky, H., Seebass, A. R., : A Design Method for Supersonic Transport Wings , AIAA 95-1819-CP, (1995).

Sonic Boom Theory, OFW Supersonic Transport

Li, P., Seebass, A. R., Sobieczky, H.: The Sonic Boom of an Oblique Flying Wing SST , CEAS-AIAA 95-107, AIAA / CEAS 1st Joint Aeroacoustics Conference, (1995).

Waverider Design Concept, 3D Marching Method, Ill-posedness

Jones, K. D., Sobieczky, H., Seebass, A. R., Dougherty, F. C.: Waverider Design for Generalized Shock Geometries. AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Vol. 32, No. 6, (1995), pp. 957-96

Aerospace Planes, Geometry Parameters

Sobieczky, H., Stroeve, J.: Generic Supersonic and Hypersonic Configurations, AIAA 9. Applied Aerodynamics Conference Proc., AIAA 91-3301CP, (1991)

Waverider Design Methodology, Osculating Cones, 3D Marching

Sobieczky, H., Dougherty, F. C., Jones, K. D.: Hypersonic Waverider Design from Given Shock Waves . Proc. First Int. Hypersonic Waverider Symposium, University of Maryland, (1990)