Helmut Sobieczky:

Geometry for Aerodynamics

This is an album of my research activity on Transonic and High Speed Fluid Dynamics with emphasis on

design strategies to avoid aerodynamic problems emanating from operating with flows near and above Mach 1.

The results were best applied to improving flight vehicles by setting up specialized geometry generating tools.

Here, besides graphic illustrations, a list of publications and a lecture series can be found.


With Aerodynamics becoming a mature science, new applications of my geometry modeling tool

may be of interest for any parametrically morphing shape generating projects and for bionic simulation:

Parametric surface definition based on fluid dynamics and observing nature,

using a set of analytical functions suitable for control of flow phenomena,

is suitable as an initial "PreCAD" data generator prior to routine usage of commercial CAD software.

Enjoy the illustrations!


Rapid shape definition for multidisciplinary design and optimization in

Aerospace, Turbomachinery and for Bionic modeling.

A series of 10 lectures on Elements of Conceptual Design Aerodynamics