Helmut Sobieczky:

Geometry for Aerodynamics

This is an album of my research activity on Transonic and High Speed Fluid Dynamics with emphasis on

design strategies to avoid aerodynamic problems emanating from operating with flows near and above Mach 1.

The results were best applied to improving flight vehicles and turbomachinery components

by setting up specialized geometry generating tools "preCAD" - prior to commercial CAD usage.

You are welcome to download some publications on Transonic Flow, on Supersonic flow

and on application of Geometry tools to solve design tasks in these flow domains.


A series of 10 lectures on Elements of Conceptual Design Aerodynamics has been provided to interested students..


A few case studies, motivated by recent developments in Aerospace and Turbomachinery technology,

are still unfinished and proposed to interested students, as can be seen below::



Status: 2022